Hello everybody..!

Today began with me cringing at the sight of the stats of my blog. It’s been ages since I posted. I wouldn’t be posting this too, as my exams are going on. But I have English today and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I posted instead of studying..! After all, I am flexing my creative writing skills (which have stiffened up to SUCH a great extent..!) 

She preferred the music on the radio to the noise that they called ‘music’ in the club. She would rather wear a classic skirt and a shirt than ripped jeans and an asymmetrical top. She wore spectacles, not contact lenses. She was one of those girls who thought short hair was the best. Her idea of a perfect weekend was not dancing at a party. Not even a romantic dinner with ‘someone special’. The perfect weekend would be binge-reading her favourite book, binge-watching her favourite TV show, playing her harmonica, hanging out in the nearby eatery with her best friends, laughing and talking for hours on end. She was the girl who always typed the entire word when she texted, and detested people who always texted in short forms. ‘Hav a gud dae..!’? More like ‘I don’t know English’. She was not dependent on anyone, emotionally strong, strong willed. While girls her age worried about their love lives or their weight, she worried about the enormous amount of time she was taking to finish her book. She strived to be as less clichΓ© as possible. She was a misfit, some would say. But she believed being unique was what mattered the most..!


Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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