Hello everybody..!

This is in response to the daily prompt from The Daily Post..!

It had been millions of years since Ritika had visited her grandmother. As she got off the bus and trudged along the uneven path, it took some time to let the surroundings sink in. It was just the dense forest around her. She heard cows mooing millions of miles away. A dog rushed past her, running at a million miles per hour. People in this village were actually living life the way it was lived a million years ago. The telephone was alright once in a million times. The day’s newspaper came after two days, carrying news of the previous millennium. She didn’t even want to think about the millions of creatures that could be lurking in the dark. But still, this was the place  that had given her the perfect childhood only one in a million children had. The millions of moments she had spent trekking the mountains, the millions of times she had fallen off or stumbled in the rough terrain, the millions of trees she had climbed, the millions of times she had taken the dogs for a walk, the millions of times she had got drenched in the torrential downpour, the times she had spent staring up at the millions of stars dotting the night sky….. The millions of memories..! Granny’s place would always THE best in a million places. She remembered how her granny would shower her with millions of treats, teaching her a million life lessons in the easiest of ways. Surprising her with a visit was the best idea Ritika had had in a million days. She reached the house. She climbed the uneven stone steps, crossed the hedges and stood in front of the door. She saw her uncle in whites, his face lined with millions of griefs. Somewhere, she heard a cow mooing, like a funeral dirge. A million thoughts rushed to her mind, a million tears flowed down her cheeks. Tears, studded with millions of unsaid things, millions of regrets. She knew her grandmother was in a different place, billions and millions of miles away, but she would be in her heart for billions and millions of years to come. All her hopes and desires had been shattered to a million pieces.

Hope you liked it..!

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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