A Time That Was..!

Hello everybody..!

My mind faintly recalls a time

When I was happy

There was a time,

When I had been loved

Now, I scan each face in the crowd,

Hoping in vain, to see a friendly face

I only see

A sea of people I know by face and not by heart

People whose knives are looking for a back,

People who like me not,

People whom I like not.

I remember a time

When I woke up each morning with zeal

Now, I trudge lifelessly,

Battered and scarred

There was a time when I liked the world

And the thought of it didn’t make my heart go cold

Now I’m afraid, no matter how hard I try,

Nothing I do is enough, 

Nothing I do matters

Even amidst a room full of people,

I am the lone wolf,

Even in silence audible,

My mind is in cacophony

I remember a time,

When I believed in being kind and forgiving

But now, the world has made me cold

I’m learning to fight back,

To face the winds of winter,

I’m learning to forge ahead

I’m learning to be bold

Because in the end, 

You must give back what the world has lost,

A time that was.

Vaguely based on partially true scenarios that could be happening in my life right now.

Deek 🙂 😀


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