Hello everybody..!

I can’t believe it’s going to be December already..! I’m having enough trouble digesting my college scenarios and the fact that 2016 will be over in a month is not helping. 

My brain is gathering rust of late. I keep putting off posting in hope that I will get a good topic to write about. I realized this is the worst case of procrastination and the only way to write was to just sit and write. That’s what I’m doing..! 


 You revere the stage. You applaud people for performing on the stage. You marvel at the magic created on stage. Little do you know where the real magic happens. The backstage. It is the place where confidence is manufactured, grit packaged and hope sprinkled. It is where the ‘All the best’s are told. It is where long, deep breaths are drawn. It is where people pace about in apprehension, people pace about in passion, people pace about in urgency, people pace about for fun…. Basically, everyone just paces about, because that’s just how it should be. Backstage has a charm of its own. You can see artists cool as a cucumber, or as hassled as a person who is bankrupt. You can see non-performers coming by the score to wish their performing-friends. It is the place of hugs and ‘I know you’ll rock it..!’. It is the place where all the colourful costumes blend into the real world, all the characters gradually come to life. It is the place of confusion and mayhem too. People are crying out for help as their costume has gone awry. The Master Of Ceremony (MC) is bound to come in and admonish the teens for taking a selfie and vent out his/her displeasure at the whole programme. The co-ordinator would have come in a thousand times to give the same instructions he has been giving for the past two hours. It’s a place where you can see relief, fear, determination and pride all at once. People will keep rushing to the mirrors to make sure they look alright. Backstage is the place for stern instructions, sharp admonishment, angry muttering under the breath and endless pacing. It is where the raw human emotions and tendencies are easily exhibited. It is where the real magic happens. Without all these scenes in the backstage, I doubt if anyone would ever do a good job on stage. While it is a good feeling to be on stage and hog the limelight, there is nothing as satisfying as that moment when you finish your part and come backstage and heave that huge sigh of relief and display that broad smile. You gather all your friends for a group hug and you’re all glad you all made it through..! Ah, the sense of achievement..! 

Hope you liked it..! This has been my experience with back stages so far..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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