Granny’s Place..!

Hello everybody..!

This is in response to the Discover Challenge by The Daily Post. It is about a place that has shaped me as a person. 

If I have to choose a place which has shaped me as a person, and you gave me the liberty to pick any place in the world, without a shade of doubt,I’d pick my granny’s house, which is five minutes away from my house. Much to the jealousy of many of my friends, I’m one of the blessed few whose maternal grandparents live a stone’s throw away. To be honest, I think I’ve spent more than half of my life in my granny’s house. 

I used to visit my granny’s house everyday and stay over every weekend. Thanks to hectic schedules and loads of studying, this has changed. It’s been ages since I stayed over for the weekend. Now, I try to go there whenever I find the time. You see, my granny’s house wasn’t this close to my house until ten years ago. Prior to 2006, my house was 20 kilometres away from my granny’s house. I used to make this 20 km long journey by bus every weekend. My grandmother would come to my house, pick me up on Friday evening and drop me back on Sunday evening. Once, because my grandfather arrived to pick me up instead of my grandmother, I refused to go and my grandfather had to go back alone..! What can I say..!? I was hardly five years old..! 

My grandmother , my grandfather , my uncle, my aunt and my cousin brother live in my granny’s house. When the whole world has shunned me, granny’s house always welcomes me with open arms. Being there is a feeling I cannot even try to put into words. It is cosy and highly comforting. There is a much higher sense of purpose to life when I’m there. While I would while away my time staring at my phone at home, in my granny’s house, I’m always upto something productive and exciting. It is so much fun to tail behind my grandmother and help her with household chores, while she constantly reminds me that I am a dunderhead. There is nothing more amusing than that moment when my grandfather mutters in annoyance at my unmatched incompetence in mechanical work. He loves to make fun of politicians and his opinions on the happenings of the world are the most amusing things ever. The pride of granny’s house used to be the beautiful garden. How much time I’ve spent with my grandparents tending the plants, watching them bustle about with an air of importance..! Now, due to various reasons, the garden has reduced greatly. Amidst all the work, grandparents always have the time to fit in a story or two about their childhood or tales about the simple days of yore. My uncle, an extremely funny man, takes much pride in pulling my leg at every opportunity he gets. Life is never boring with him around. It is said that he dropped a glass jug when he heard the news of my birth. Weekends meant cleaning work with him. He’d wake me up in the wee hours, just to have me around when he begins to dismantle the washing machine or the tape recorder and clean it. On the weekend nights, we’d stay up till midnight, listening to music. Mind you, this was no ordinary way of listening to music. We had this huge monster of a tape recorder that had a huge knob for volume control in the middle. There was a ring around it that would light up to a creepy shade of red when music was played. We’d switch off all the other lights, turn up the volume and sit by the creepy red light and listen to music. He’d dance with me and go nuts. After I grew up a bit, we’d watch Alfred Hitchcock’s movies together. Also, granny’s house was the only place for me to connect with the animal world, owing to the fact that everyone in my house aren’t that animal friendly. Since the beginning of time, there has always been a cat in my granny’s house. The hilarious episodes involving cats are way too many to be jotted here..! 

Rain water harvesting is a unique feature of granny’s house. It isn’t any ordinary system. It was designed by my grandfather himself and has undergone many developments since. It is a system in which not even a single drop of water goes waste. The arrival of rain creates a similar situation in granny’s house as a war cry would, in the ranks of the army. We all assume our designated positions to literally catch the water in buckets and empty it into huge drums. There is nothing more exciting and satisfying than that feeling when you see the rain water gushing into the buckets from the skies above. Every member of the family has to play a part in this water saga.

My grandmother is a tailor. Like I’ve said on previous occasions, ninety five percent of the clothes in my wardrobe have been stitched by her. It is a delight to work with her on her tailoring adventures and learn so much. You might be amazed to know I’ve damaged the clothes of many of her clients during my zealous tailoring. Seriously, I don’t know why she thought it would be a good idea to put a pair of scissors in my hand. Cooking with her is also a great experience. She does things so swiftly and skilfully that you are left with nothing else to do other than gape at her in awe. 

One of the rituals of granny’s house used to be drinking milk together at night. It might sound silly, but everyone would gather in front of the TV after a day’s hardwork. We’d all sit on the floor, but grandpa would always sit in his usual sofa. Granny would bring piping hot milk and accompanied by small talk, we’d sip our milk in peace. This has been discontinued for various reasons. 

Overall, granny’s house provides a sense of belongingness I don’t feel even in my own house. I know my granny’s house better than I know my own house. It will always be there to protect me, to teach me, to guide me, to understand me, to love me. It has given me so many memories and so many life lessons. It has truly shaped me as a person. I hope it stays like this forever. It will always be my happy place.

The baby in the featured image is me and the person holding me is my uncle..!

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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