New Year..!

Hello everybody..!

Hi, I’m 2017 speaking. Many thanks for the extremely warm welcome. I must say, I’m quite overwhelmed. I can’t contain my excitement at the thought of spending my time with all you wonderful people..! I do apologise for all the havoc, if any, that my dear friend 2016 caused you. You know how it is with us years, we tend to get a little moody and try to meddle with your lives to forget our own miseries..! I’ll try my best to be good to you..! I am also proud of 2016 for all the good that it did you..! If you ever feel I’m being a jerk and you want to strangle me, just know that I am doing it all for your own good. As always, no year can be perfect with only bouquets and no brickbats. I promise to be a better year to you than 2016 was..! I will see to it that you excel, you grow and most importantly, you are happy as ever..! I will wipe your pain away and renew you with all the strength you need to face the world (uh, the world will have Trump as President, so you’ll be needing a lot of strength..!). I will strive to end the bloodshed and restore peace to this world. I promise you I won’t make you feel like you want me to be over in a flash. I will ensure we both are friends and we conquer this Universe together..! Can’t wait to sail with you on this journey. If not anything, I’ll surely give you 2017 reasons to smile..! (More than that, actually..!) 

Happy new year everyone..! Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of 2016..!

Yes, I changed my gravatar/profile picture or whatever it is called..! Yes, I do wear glasses. A huge bunch of thanks to Ryan for clicking that picture. He really did capture the essence of this blog- Jot The Thought..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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