To Battle..!

Hello everybody..!

For the first time in eons, I have a legitimate reason for posting late. Tests are coming and I’m Jon Snow (cheers to everyone who got that reference..!). I had my English paper today and it felt more like answering a history paper because it had all sorts of factual questions from the lessons prescribed. Don’t even venture to ask about physics and chemistry..!


Two warriors in conversation.

“You actually believe you are better than me.!?”

“Of course I do. You must be out of your mind if you think otherwise.”

“I’ve always hated your cockiness. This sort of arrogance will not take you far.”

“Oh poor child, you must be living under a rock, or beneath a veil of mist. Listen to the people..! They love me..! I have made it this far and I will go farther..! Farther than you ever can dream of going..!

“Your vanity blinds you. You might  reign over the people for now, but remember, your reign will be short lived. Everybody fixates on anything that is new, fresh and young. But before you know it, they’ve moved on to something better, not unlike yourself..!”

“So what according to you will stand the test of time.!? Boring speeches? Words of weight? Conservative thinking?”

“A man who can treat sorrow and joy the same way, a man who doesn’t sail to the skies or hit rock bottom will stand the test of time. Someone who knows when to use his weapon and when to spare it will live long in the hearts of the people.”

” Sorry, but you’re old fashioned and way too saintly for the people. The people want someone strong, bold, fierce.. Someone who will not waste time preaching but would act quickly. They need somene who can mesmerise them with the flourish of his weapon, and gape in awe at his work. Not someone who wields his weapon mildly, afraid of the consequences his work might create.”

“Look at you, a mere boy, speak of weapons and great work..! Have you ever dealt with the problems that rear their ugly head when you raise your weapon? They play with your mind, they frustrate you, depress you..! When the daunting fingers reach out, you must know how to put a chain around them. You feel like throwing your weapon away and giving up the fight. What experience do you have of such things? You’re  a newbie to this whole thing, just accept it.”

“Are you saying I don’t know how to use my weapon?”

“If you have been paying attention, I think I just did..!”

“You’re just a craven who hides behind his armour. Learn to expand your horizon and get out of your comfort zone and take on the real challenges.”

“What might the ‘real challenges’ be.!? Figuring out ways to insult your superiors or trying hard to be as foolish as possible.!?”

“You’re too sarcastic for your own peril. The only way to settle this is by a war. A war like none other, which can rage on for years. A war that will go on till the depths of the night, stretching all limits and soaring into the unknown.”

“To battle..?”

“To battle”

The two warriors reached down for their weapons. They unsheathed their swords from their scabbards. There they stood, with the swords glimmering in the light, iridescent. The cap was off, the pen was all that mattered now.

They both sat down and sat down to write the work of their lives..!

I hope you understood the whole metaphor that I tried to incorporate here..! If you didn’t, the weapon was the pen (the scabbard was the cap :p )and the Warriors were actually authors..! Read it again now and see if it makes sense to you..!


Deek 🙂 😀


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