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Second post of the day..! I’m feeling particularly creative today..! This is in response to the daily prompt by The Daily Post..! This is going to be one of those random rants..! Prep yourself for a blast of thoughts and opinions before you move ahead..!


My understanding of this word has completely changed over the past year. The problem was, I never realised what a dunderhead I was when I was in school and when I came to college, I did worse than a fish out of water. When I was in school, it was just my friends, my teachers and the familiar environment that had been with me for about eight years. As my school was hardly five minutes away from my house, I rarely stepped out of the vicinity of our locality and seldom left the vicinity of my comfort zone. In college, I found myself in this huge ocean of people who were indifferent and rude by nature and just plain stupid. You see, the lack of exposure and the lack of experience had cemented certain assumptions in my brain and I looked at the world only through a lens which contained my expectations from the world. As you have rightly guessed, this deteriorated my mental health and my zeal waned day by day. In school, everyone loved me and I was around people who’d always have my back. Moreover, I was the frog at the bottom of the well who competed with the other frogs in the well and won over them, never realising that there were far more exotic creatures outside the well (That was my attempt at a metaphor). I was pretty confident I’d meet like minded people and exhibit my talents and have a gala time in college. Clearly, Fate had other plans.

In the first few weeks of college, I was the very epitome of negativity. I lost all interest in everything I had ever loved. I was annoyed at every person I met in college and more than everything, I hated that I was just another insignificant fish in this huge sea. After words of inspiration from my family and friends, I managed to put a smile on my face, but I was still unhappy inside. After a month, cultural activities began in my college. One of the events in the college fest was ‘Best Personality’. I was extremely intrigued by this and I decided to participate, having no notion of what it really demanded. One important thing to note is, even though first year pre university course (1st PUC) students and second PUC students participate in this event, never before in the history of our college had the title ‘Best Personality’ been conferred on a 1st PUC student. The first round was pretty interesting. About a hundred people were participating. The first round was a written round, where we were given a few logic based questions and a few questions that tested out writing skills. I got through this round and was selected for the second round. Only twenty five out of the hundred made it to the second round. The second round tested our speaking skills. We were asked to expand on popular proverbs and were asked to express our opinions on current issues. Another important segment was the ‘Block and Tackle’ round, where we had to speak for and against the topic they gave us. I was given ‘Celebrities are bad role models’. I did a pretty good job and made it to the next round- Talent round. Only about fifteen made it to this round. This round was a cakewalk, as I impressed everyone with my harmonica playing. The final round would be on stage in Chowdiah Memorial Hall, a prestigious stage in Bangalore. I made it to the final round, along with seven others. On stage, we had to exhibit our talent, and do the ‘Block and Tackle’ again. Apart from this, we had a round where we had to provide funny dialogues to a movie clip they’d project on the screen. I was the most apprehensive for this round..! I did well and people actually laughed at my dialogues..! At every step of this saga of a competition, I did not believe for one second that I’d ever win this. I only focussed on giving it my best. In the end, we had to answer a question that the panel of judge posed to us. People found my performance interesting and hilarious. Another point to be noted, many of the seven other participants were students of the same school for the past twelve years and were familiar with everything going on. They had their best friends for support and teachers were all in their favour. Me, a mere newbie was up against all these big shots, without a single friend for support. I knew I had to be strong till the end. At last, it was time for the results..! As the whole hall waited with bated breath, I was conferred with the title of ‘Best Personality’..! Instantly, I was a popular figure in the college, and the first person in the history of the college to win this title while in 1st PUC.

It might seem like I’m bragging, but the real reason I’m telling you all this is because this competition gave me the right exposure. It showed me what it really takes to be successful. After this, it was a crescendo. I won many prizes in inter collegiate fests and even got a chance to perform in the college annual day. All along, I was back stabbed, was a victim of jealousy and faced with countless negative people. They provided exposure, and taught me to believe in myself. I have interviewed an ecologist for the college magazine, made countless friends, interacted with big shots in my college, won the affection of my seniors and teachers and overall, a good reputation in the college..! 

So, exposure is really instrumental in personal development. If I had continued my education in school, I’d never accomplish so much, never grow so much as a person and would still be unaware of the ways of the world. Sometimes, for something great to happen, you must endure hardships. College gave me the right exposure to great talent and I learnt to carve a niche for myself. All I’d like to say is, step out of your comfort zone, and see what miracles you can work as your true potential oozes out and you will possess the power to cast a spell on the world..!


Deek 🙂 😀


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