Who.!? (Poem-3 of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

I’ve had this brainwave of creating a series of poems titled ‘Unanswered’. Here’s the third poem, ‘Who.!?’.


Who gives the sea the immense power

To destruct with a splash, to rage against Man?

Who put the stars in the sky?

The jobless dreamers, or the science geeks?

Who gives light to the sun?

The electrically talented, or our hallucinations?

Who made us?

The master of the universe, or someone too ambitious?

Who controls us?

A meticulous man, or a reckless remote control?

Who remains when everything is vanquished?

The prints of our deeds, or the hum of our thoughts?

Who will restore this world?

Man, or will the disasters look into this matter?

Who stands by us, when all is lost?

Our own will power, or an immense superpower?

Who has the rights to judge us?

People we call our friends, or people unknown to us?

Who gives the flower its beauty?

The artist, or the poet?

Who gives the song its melody?

The singer, or the thousand emotions in him?

Who wakes you up every morning?

The annoying alarm, or the excitement of a new day?

Who made the plan for the world?

An angel with a mission or a sadist with depression?

Who made the seasons?

A person who enjoys variety, or a person who can’t make up his mind?

Who matters?

The one who loves you or the one who you love?

Who moves this earth along with all its flaws?

Centripetal force, or the urge to go explore a part of the universe that is unexplored? 

Most importantly,

Who are you?

The person you want to be,

Or the person Society told you to be?
Hope you liked it..! Here are the links to the previous poems of ‘Unanswered’..!

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Today was the last of college for my 1st Pre-University Course..! I can’t believe how fast the whole year has gone by..! It seems like just yesterday, I was crying like a baby because I hated college and missed school a lot..! My college ruthlessly threw me out of my comfort zone and thanks to that, I’ve accomplished so much that I would have never imagined myself accomplishing..! I’ve won so many awards, met such great people, gained respect and popularity (somewhat) in the college, participated in so many events, and most importantly, learnt how to deal with the real world (somewhat) :p . Who knows what’s in store for me this year.!? I hope this same streak of brilliance continues..!

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Who.!? (Poem-3 of ‘Unanswered’)

  1. It’s such a wonderful post & nearly all life’s important ways of thought’s there ! And I most like that of unique I see presentation of poem in amazing manner with perfect questions ! Overall 5 star rating best poem in my valuable day !

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