TV Shows..!

Hello everybody..! I know I said I won’t be around until the 3rd of March, but it is extremely difficult to go without writing for so long. So, instead of brushing up on my Chemistry for tomorrow’s exam, I am choosing to rant about my favourite TV shows. You all owe me a lot of … More TV Shows..!


Hello everybody..! I pity all those who have to interact with me from tomorrow till the 3rd of March. My exams begin on Saturday (yes, I know :/) and will end only on March 3rd. While not studying, I’ll be a walking representation of gloom and apprehension. So, you won’t be hearing much from me … More Write..!

Don’t Just Exist..!

Hello everybody..! I once asked myself the meaning of life. Yup, pretty cliché. But as I continued this train of thought, I found myself confronted with a thunderstorm of thoughts. Were we born to work hard, earn money and then… die.!? Is that it? That can’t be all. It is impossible to suggest that God … More Don’t Just Exist..!