Don’t Just Exist..!

Hello everybody..!

I once asked myself the meaning of life. Yup, pretty cliché. But as I continued this train of thought, I found myself confronted with a thunderstorm of thoughts. Were we born to work hard, earn money and then… die.!? Is that it? That can’t be all. It is impossible to suggest that God created such a vast network of things that work in perfect harmony only for us to slog and perish. There is definitely more to life than this endless rat race. Perhaps the main thing which makes life a misery is expectation. From the moment we’re born, till our last breath, we are always expected to do something which appeases the society. We are expected to ‘be ourselves’ but restrict ourselves to the conventions of modern day society. We are allowed to do whatever we want, as long as society deems it passable. We are forced into this vortex of normality and monotony and are spit out the other side- wrecked, ‘normal’ and a mere machine that works to satisfy others and adhere to the ‘rules’ made by an ominous dictator. A dictator who considers poets, thinkers and dreamers as illogical and stupid. Most of us fall into this vortex and gradually learn to conform to the routine and forget that we have lives of our own and that we have the innate power to make our own choices and be different. 

What if you make that choice? What if you don’t want to be another sheep in the bleating crowd? What if you dare to break free? There awaits a whole new life..! Think of it this way. The existence of the Universe is a book, complete with protagonists, villains, climaxes, plot twists and everything else a book should consist. You have been given one life. In other words, you have been given the golden opportunity to contribute a page or two to this great book..! The book is endless. It existed before you were born and will exist long after you’ve turned to ashes. Rather than standing by and watching the saga unfold, wouldn’t you want to be a part of the book? A character that interacts, a character that can think independently, a character that it truly YOU..! You can write whatever you want, whatever you feel, whatever you do. Even if it’s a blunder, it’ll help the story progress..! None of this would ever be possible if you were a commonplace person- spineless and lifeless. You’d never even make it past the title of the book..! 

We’ve been blessed with the gift of life so that we enjoy it. We mustn’t convert this into drudgery. The ultimate superpower has blessed us with stars, the sky, the sun, the flowers, the trees, the birds, art, poetry, music, dance, theatre…. the entire Universe..! It saddens me to think some people never ever appreciate a good poem, don’t comprehend the beauty of music, shy away from being unique, condemn theatre as fantasy, hate books… Sure, math and physics are important to earn money for yourself, but you’re earning money and losing your life..! Are you willing to bargain your own life? We live for those tiny moments when you forget who you are and find a whole new sense of identity, your true identity that existed before people told you who you should be. 

If you’ve never laid on the grass and stared at the twinkling sky and pondered about the vastness of the Universe, if you’ve never listened to a song and felt that flutter in the heart, if you’ve never written your soul out, if you’ve never danced like your life depended on it, if you’ve never fallen in love with a character from a book, if you’ve never felt like singing your heart out, if you’ve never done something you actually love- like drawing or playing an instrument, if you’ve never stepped out of your comfort zone and tried walking the untrodden path, if you’ve never noticed the tiny, fleeting moments loaded with happiness of the highest order, it pains me to say that you haven’t lived at all.

What truly makes us feel like we’re living are these small, immaterialistic elements. We’re all just characters in a book, waiting for that ‘character development’. Will you let someone else dictate the terms and give an instruction manual for your life or will you take up the pen and write what you truly want? You must do what your heart tells you and what makes you really happy. Nothing great ever came out of doing the usual and living like everyone else does. Forge your own path, do what fills you with joy, and in the end, it will all come together and you’ll know how the book ends. Script your own life and you’ll know how nice it seems when there isn’t an annoying prompter telling you what to do. Don’t just exist. Live. 

What will you write in the book of the Universe today.!?

Oh my god that was one big dose of motivation. Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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