When.!? (Poem 4 Of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

When will I rest my head on the pillow

Without dreading the next day?

When will the shackles fall off

And when can I run away?

When will people start using the special organ

That scientists call ‘The Brain’?

When will people stop judging?

When will people accept others the way they are..?

When will Man learn from his mistakes?

After people from other galaxies publicly shame us for the entire Universe to see?

When will schools understand

That education is rotting our intelligence?

When will a student enjoy learning

And not feel like it is a test of memory?

When will we stop worrying?

When we’re alive or is that possible only when we’re freed from this realm?

When did we evolve into what we are today?

A bazillion years ago, or is ‘evolve’ just a fancy term we use?

When can we breathe

And not feel like we’re being strangled?

When did we discover time?

Or is there time at all?

When did time begin?

Or has it begun at all?

When will time end?

Or will it end at all?

When were we aware of ourselves?

Or are we aware at all?

When does the wind blow the mightiest?

When the weatherman says so, or when it is escaping from us?

When were we born?

When we first cried, or when we first felt?

When do we die?

When we cease to breathe, or when we give up on ourselves?

When do you reach out for help?

When you’re too weak, or when you’ve been strong for long?

When will you think independently?

When you’re fairly rational, or when you’re fairly insane?

When will God ever visit us?

When we give him a reason good enough, or when we give him a situation grave enough?

When will I comprehend my thoughts?

When I try to control them, or when I put them on paper?

When will we be extinct?

In the far future, or are we as good as extinct right now?

When are you lost?

When GPS fails to work, or when you’re reading your favourite book?

When will you know the true meaning of beauty?

When you admire the person in the mirror, or when you stare at the starry sky?

When will you realise your existence means something in the grand scheme?




When the world ends?

Hope you liked it..! Here are the previous poems of ‘Unanswered’..! 

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This is the first time I’m doing something like this..! Any kind of feedback or advice is more than welcome..! Please tell me in the comments what you think of this work in progress. You can even tell me if you’re baffled as a buffoon after reading all these unanswered questions..!

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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