Hello everybody..!

I pity all those who have to interact with me from tomorrow till the 3rd of March. My exams begin on Saturday (yes, I know :/) and will end only on March 3rd. While not studying, I’ll be a walking representation of gloom and apprehension. So, you won’t be hearing much from me till March 3rd. After March 3rd though, I will set goals for myself and work towards making this blog better. I have a lot of ideas and I have plans of introducing few new recurring segments on this blog..! Stay tuned..! 

Anyway, here’s just something I thought I’d write before I disappear into a world of extreme sanity and monotony..!

I don’t write for appreciation

I don’t write so that someone reads

I don’t write for passing my time

I write because my mind can’t bear

The weight of all the words

On second thoughts,

Neither can the paper 

I write because I can never run out of ink

I write because I can

I write because no one listens

I write because it’s beautiful

How differently the same mind can work

I write so that I can create a world of my own

I write, hoping someday the same words will absorb me

Into their realm

And I’ll not have a care in the world

Because I created it all myself

I write, hoping someone understands

All the things I do not say out loud

I write because I am lost

And yet, I write because I find meaning

I write because there’s nothing else I’d rather do

I write so that I don’t cry,

I write so that I don’t die

I write, because I write.

Hope I’m just as creative and enthusiastic on 3rd March (past experiences suggest otherwise)..! Tell me why you write down in the comments below..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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