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Hello everybody..!

I know I said I won’t be around until the 3rd of March, but it is extremely difficult to go without writing for so long. So, instead of brushing up on my Chemistry for tomorrow’s exam, I am choosing to rant about my favourite TV shows. You all owe me a lot of marks 🙂 :p

1. Friends

Story Of My Life

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you hear the words “I’ll be there for you”..! I think “Friends” will always be my favourite show of all time. It has made me laugh and taught me so many things along the way. Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are as good as my real life friends *cough* perhaps even better. (Haha just kidding) (Haha maybe not). I think what makes this show so very special for everyone is its portrayal of characters that we can relate to and situations that every one of us face. It does not stick to the unrealistic picture of friendship where everything is sunshine and rainbows and all your friends are together all the time. Speaking of the characters, I feel like I’m a mixture of Chandler and Monica, though I know there’s a small part of all the other characters in me too..! Let me know which character describes you the best..! This show makes me want to have friends 😂
2. Game Of Thrones

The point in the main theme where I get the maximum goosebumps

I think I speak for every Game Of Thrones fan when I say this show is the main reason I have trust issues. If I say Game Of Thrones breaks hearts, it would be a huge understatement. Game Of Thrones splits your soul in half, gives you a run through of Hell, mutilates your heart, destroys your mind and makes you curl up in a corner and cry. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. Game Of Thrones, set in Westeros focusses  on the battle for the Iron Throne. War, betrayal, lust, power are the main themes of this show. Gruesome and deadly, known for its plot twists, this show attracts audiences all over the world. Even though GoT has left a emotional scar on all of us, we can never get enough of it. Hats off to George R R Martin..! Take a bow, my lord..! The characters are so beautifully sketched and the actors are amazing..! In GoT, I relate to Arya Stark the most..! Let me know who you relate to the most..! This show makes me want to learn sword fighting and talk in the medieval style.

3. Sherlock

What Sherlock is doing: What I did after watching Season 4. What Mycroft and John are doing: What everyone else around me was doing

I have written about how much I love Sherlock in previous posts. I discovered Sherlock on one lazy afternoon when I was aimlessly scanning the TV channels to while away my time. I stumbled upon one man with great cheekbones and a sassy trench coat speaking in an impeccable British accent and I was hooked. Sherlock makes me feel dumber than I already think I am and leaves me gaping at the screen like a retarded goose. I think my favourite part of the show is Sherlock’s high intolerance for stupidity and his sarcastic remarks to everything in general. Also, Sherlock not remembering Lestrade’s name is hilarious. The writing is great and the acting is top-notch. I am going to leave this here and go figure out what the bloody hell Season 4 was, sort out my emotions and calm my heart down. Do not ask to whom I relate to the most because the answer will be Anderson. This show makes me want to be clever and wear a trench coat. 

4. Narcos

Ooh it’s Oberyn..!

Not very unlike Game Of Thrones, this show has violence, lust,betrayal and a desire for power. Narcos traces the life of Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin in Colombia. The show also includes the struggles faces by the Colombian government and the DEA agents in their hunt for Escobar. DEA Agents Steve Murphy and Javi Peña are two of the main people involved in this operation. A good part of the show is in Spanish, interspersed with accented English and English narration by Steve Murphy, played by Boyd Holbrook. The horrors that unfolded in the reign of these Narcos have been heart wrenchingly portrayed by the show. For me, this show has awakened the urge to learn Spanish..! 

5. Suits

Harvey Specter: The man in the suit who dishes out perfect quotes

Though I do not completely understand the intricacies of all the law-stuff they say in this show, I love it..! I don’t think there is anyone classier that Harvey Specter. The show is about Mike Ross, a law school dropout who is hired by Harvey Specter into his law firm after a drug deal that goes awry. Even though Mike has no qualifications, he is a genius. He has a photographic memory and is a lawyer par excellence. This hiring puts the reputation of the firm at risk. The lengths to which the firm goes to protect this secret result in many complications and shift in power within the firm. It is hard to pick a favourite character in this show, but I will say it is Harvey and Donna..! This show makes me want to answer a phone and say “Harvey Specter’s office” in the most official voice I can come up with. Also, it makes me want to walk about holding files and look important. 

6. The Crown

I cannot imagine how awkward I’d be in such situations of high dignity..!

I started watching The Crown recently and I am hooked..! The show is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It touches upon the relationship of the Crown with the government. As everyone in the show has an English accent, it is quite natural that I love this show. This show does have more to offer than just polished British accents though..! Characters have been portrayed flawlessly, especially those of Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II. It makes you realise that being Queen does not mean wearing a crown and traipsing around in pretty dresses, but it requires integrity, substance, a remarkable demeanour and diplomacy of the highest order..! This show makes me want to wear a pretty dress and drink tea and complain about the weather.

I’ll stop for now. I should start watching ‘Breaking Bad’ at least for the sake of my chemistry exam. Anyway, let me know your opinions on these shows and also tell me about your favourite shows..! In the summer, I plan to binge watch many other shows.. ‘Orange Is The New Black’, ‘House Of Cards’, ‘The Wire’… the list goes on. What are vacations for anyway.!?

Deek 🙂 😀


8 thoughts on “TV Shows..!

  1. Now that you’ve watched all these amazing shows and written the best possible descriptions for them (better than the show writers themselves), it’s time to dive into the world of anime! I suggest to start with Death note and for some laughs, Yuri on Ice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You do flatter me..! Come March 3rd, I will watch every single thing you have ever recommended and then let’s annoy everyone by discussing everything we have watched..! Glad to know you found something I wrote funny..! As always, your recommendations are THE best..!


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