Why.!? (Poem 5 of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

The stifling veil of exams has finally lifted and I can finally retreat to spending (wasting) my time without an ounce of guilt. It’s funny because I am writing this overdue blog post only to enlighten you with the fact that I will be travelling in the next week and will not be able to post at all..! Anyway, here’s Why.!?, the fifth poem of ‘Unanswered’

Why did time begin?

To see us succeed or to see us fail miserably?

Why doesn’t the night last longer?

Is it afraid of the darkness or do the stars get tired too?

Why did God create us?

Was he feeling particularly creative or just utterly bored?

Why can’t we fly?

Is it because we don’t have wings or is it a way to keep us from wreaking havoc above?

Why can we think?

To become inventive geniuses or is God looking to us for ideas?

Why should we work?

If everything we do will be erased by Time

Why do we meet certain people?

Is it coincidence or have we met them in another life?

Why is there only one known Universe?

Did God stop at one or are we too blind to see the rest?

Why can’t we face our fears?

Does fear of the fear delude us or are some things not meant to be?

Why do we love?

Are we connected by the soul, or is it a concoction of hormones?

Why do we feel?

To teach us life’s inner meaning, or to mess up with our lives entirely?

Why are we criticised,

When we are also told to ‘be ourselves’

Why do we fight?

To vent out our anger, or to realise how much we love a person?

Why does art exist?

To soothe our overworked lives, or to show us what lies beyond the facade of drudgery?

Why do we write?

To express our feeling, or to forget them altogether?

Why can’t we laze around all day?

Is it a job reserved for the government?

Why does bad exist?

To bring out the good, or to deviate the good?

Why does the tree seem so happy?

Does it get what it wants or does it not care about that at all?

Why do we question?

Are we looking for answers or are we arrogant?

Why do we have friends?

Is to give us company, or to show how much a group of weirdos can reform you?

Why are we flawed?

To weigh the good and bad, or to mirror the Universe?

Why can’t we be free

Are we tied down by our griefs, or by our beliefs?

Why don’t you break free?

When all you need is within you

And all you desire is waiting for you?

Hope you liked it..! Read the previous poems of ‘Unanswered’ by clicking here. Look forward to more of this series where I dump a load of unanswered questions accompanied with a galaxy-themed picture..! Also look forward to photos from my trip..!

Deek 🙂 😀


6 thoughts on “Why.!? (Poem 5 of ‘Unanswered’)

  1. All the poems of the series have tickled my brain and broadened eyes instead of widening lips. I wonder how ‘How’ will be (assuming that it is next, cause it’s kinda obvious :-P). I am waiting….

    Liked by 1 person

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