Which.!? (Poem 6 of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

I’m almost out of ‘Wh’ interrogatives and it feels bad because I’ll be shifting to another kind of interrogative words very soon..! 

Here’s Which.!?


Which is the right path to follow

The one that condemns Evil or one that reforms Evil?

Which is the most important thing in life

Sleep or food?

Which era are we in?

The era of development or the era of destruction?

Which idea is the best?

One that is good or one that is unique?

Which is the best place on Earth?

One that has everything or one that has nothing?

Which subjects should we be taught?

Math and Biology or Life and Good?

Which people succeed?

One with character or one with money?

Which person do we love the most?

A friend or a family member?

Which is the best thing in the world?

Something materialistic or something abstract?

Which is the worst flaw of the Universe?

It’s vastness, it’s cruelty or its very existence?

Which book is the best?

One that is realistic or one that is complete fantasy?

Which voice should you listen to?

Society or your heart?

Which is the biggest mystery?

The human heart or the human mind?

Which world are we in?

The bearable one or the unbearable one?

Which is your saddest moment?

The moment you were born or the moment you’ll die?

Which is your happiest moment?

The moment you were born, the moment you’ll die?

All the moments you lived?

Hope you liked it..! 

Deek 🙂 😀


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