A New Thing..!

Hello everybody..!

My summer vacation has begun and as you’ve probably already guessed, I’ve devoted my life to the Internet. One thing I’ve grown addicted to is talk shows (Late Night With Seth Meyers is my favourite..!). I have also been watching a lot of Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows. From nowhere, a completely irrational thought arrived in my brain. Why can’t I be a little more funny with my writing? Yes, by reading Unanswered you’ll never think I’m funny, but I write pretty interesting and slightly comical Instagram captions and pretend I’m funny..! (By the way, you should really checkout Unanswered). 

Anyway, after much deliberation and churning in my brain, I have decided to start a comedy segment..! (Which I intended to start in March but here we go in April..!). I am warning you beforehand, the jokes I’m writing below are an accurate reflection of my inexperience in comedy writing (or writing in general, if you will). I want to call this segment ‘My paltry attempts at being funny’ but I think I should let this segment go on for a while before I christen it. I will be doing only five jokes this time. I’ll think of the future of this segment in case people don’t ask me to give up writing after they read this post. Keeping with the times, all the five jokes will be Trump based. (Because that’s the easiest topic to write jokes about). 

WARNING: Please do not scroll further if you have a low intolerance of beginner-level humour.

1. Trump should have his own amusement park. Merry-a-Lago. Main attraction- Wall Climbing. Entry fee: Oh don’t worry, the wall will pay for you. This is the place you can go to when your job gets too stressful, which in Trump’s case is every weekend. Beware of fake rides. Also beware of non-existent Ex-Presidents wiretapping you. 

2.Trump signs resolution scrapping internet privacy rules.

     His recent search history reveals : Where’s Melania, Does Putin love me, Where’s the real news 

3. Twitter eases its 140 character limit for replies

Good news for all Twitter users, most incredible news for Trump since he got elected.

4. Trump declares April National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

That is a joke by itself.

Funny this is coming from a guy who has been accused of sexual assault by over 10 women.

That’s like Osama declaring a National Terrorism Awareness Month. Or the Indian Congress declaring a National Corruption Awareness Month. 

5. Trump to host PM Modi later this year: White House

If you thought that refused handshake with Angela Merkel was awkward, you’re not prepared for the refused namaste/handshake/high five/ any form of greeting between these two.

Please don’t unfollow. I promise to get better. Hope you didn’t face-palm all the way to the end of this post. 


Deek 🙂 😀           


9 thoughts on “A New Thing..!

  1. I thought they were great! LOL! I particularly liked your first one.

    Seth Myers is so funny that I frequently start crying because of it. I have a feeling we have a similar sense of humor, but I’m not that good at joke telling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god I am so obsessed with Seth Meyers now..! He is simply amazing. I love the writers on his show too..! Joke telling is definitely not my strong point either. But it’s always fun to do something you’ve never done..! Thank you so much for you comment..!

      Liked by 1 person

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