War Is Futile.

Hello everybody..!

This is a small skit I wrote when I was in 10th grade as an assignment. Our team performed this and it was a pretty huge hit in my class. I had posted this earlier when I was just beginning my blog, but the recent happenings in Syria have prompted me to share this again. I have edited it a little bit.
Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Soldier 3 – enemy side

Soldier 4, Soldier 5 – the other side
(In the borders, fighting in the frontline)

S1: It’s Christmas and I’m stuck here with another soldier in a trench – if you may call it that. Infested with vermin, hands and legs of the dead strewn around and the blood flowing like water. What did we do to endure this drudgery?
S2: Ah! Wonderful were those bygone days when Christmas meant staying at home with family, making merry.
S3: You think we will ever get to live those days again?
S2: Not till this bloody war is going on.. Not till these bloodthirsty, selfish, greedy world leaders thrive and don’t mind the bloodshed to satisfy their vested interests.
S1: Yes.. For someone’s greed, we are the sufferers. I bet the tyrant who caused this war is having a jolly time with his family.
S3: I guess you’re right.. I’m sure our good friends….-enemies, I mean!! on the other side are going through the same.
S1:  Yes.. After all, even they’re human.. (Silence..in deep thought) The shelling has been less today, don’t you think?!
S2: A Christmas gift I suppose..!

S1: Hmm.. A pretty good one..
S3: How about some dinner?
S1: You mean substandard beans cooked and stored in sub-standard conditions!? (Sarcastically)  Sure..! Why not? After all, it’s Christmas, people..!
S2: Wait. I’ll bring it for you. 
( S2 goes up the trench to get the food, near the enemy lines.. There, he finds a wrapped parcel.. There’s a note attached to it)
S2: Hey! What’s this? A surprise package from the enemy??
S1: Be careful! It might be anything… A bomb perhaps..

( S4 and S5 emerge from the other side of the border)
S4: For the love of Jesus, don’t doubt us on Christmas Day.. It’s a gift!! From us..
S5: Please read the note we wrote you…

S1: (reading the note) 

 We live not knowing our last moment

At our state, we can do nothing but lament

So, let this be the beginning of a new friendship

In this world where there is no hope for kinship.

S3: That’s just.. Wonderful!! Perfect!

(Opens the package)
S2: A bottle of clean water! When was the last time we saw this?! That’s such a wonderful Christmas gift..

S3: What do we give in return??
S2: I have an idea.. Here are a few dates and nuts in my pocket..

( gives the nuts to S4)
S4: Thank you.. This day, let us forget that we are enemies .. We’re enemies only because we are forced by someone.

S5: Just for this day, let us give up our fight and talk through the night, celebrating the true spirit of Christmas!

(The soldiers cross borders and hug each other.. General small talk)
S4: I’d like to say something (raises the water bottle, as if proposing a toast) To all the families who are a part of this war.. People on the battlefield aren’t just the ones who are fighting.. All people linked to him are a part of this bloody struggle… Struggle for what? I cannot say. To all the countless men who have laid down their lives and fought bravely, not thinking twice.

S5: To these two countries, endowed with the best.. And to the sad plight of these two countries who are trying their best to wreck all their endowments.
S 1,2 and 3: This is the best Christmas ever!!
S5: Can’t say I disagree.. The sun seems to be waking up… Time to bid adieu, my friends..
S 1,2 and 3: Farewell..! Thanks for a wonderful Christmas!
(They turn to leave , but S5 has something to say)
S5: Wait.. Stop..! ( S1,2 and 3 turn back). We revert to enemies once we cross the line.. So, don’t be surprised if it’s my bullet that kills you tomorrow.
( All leave, in sorrow and deep thought)
War wrecks the soul

It defeats the very purpose of human existence

It keeps friends away 

It makes life miserable for everyone.

Hope you got the message I intended to convey. This is slightly emotional for me. This play only reminds me of how much I miss Lisa ma’am, our English teacher who was the very person who gave us such interesting assignments and brought out the best in us. I hope her soul is in peace, knowing that her children love her and respect her more than she can ever imagine. This also reminds me of school and how wonderfully our English ‘project’ team co-ordinated so well and put up this play with less than one day of practice while having fun at the same time. I miss those days. More importantly, it saddens me to think that even in 2017, cruelty, violence and inhumanity are paralysing our planet. 
Lost in thought,



5 thoughts on “War Is Futile.

  1. There have been some wars that have won very important victories. Freedom of slaves I guess is the most obvious one for people in my country. Freedom to keep one’s land. Freedom to worship. War is terrible, but not always futile. Many “tyrants” and generals have hearts that break making some of the choices they have to make. You wrote your play very well. I wonder if your teacher was open to both sides of the issue. Some ISIS groups are claiming today to be responsible for the two Coptic Christian churches who had I think 43 killed today. Will this result in war? Not now. They will just keep killing until someone somewhere says that enough. It is a very hard topic to deal with. I don’t want war but who is going to change that? I believe peace will only come via Jesus Christ, but there are a lot who reject that, so that is not apt to happen. At least until He says it’s enough. Hey I hope I didn’t offend or take over too much of your time and space. I always enjoy reading your posts. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did not offend me in anyway..! It is always nice to have a healthy debate on such issues. Like you said, a fight or a struggle is necessary for Freedom of any kind. But if you looks at my country India, we won our independence solely through non violence and truth. This shows that a war is not absolutely necessary to get what you desire. I think passive aggression is the best course of action..! Glad to know you enjoy reading my posts..!

      Liked by 1 person

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