Hello everybody..!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and my mind has been to places in the past, present and the future. Here’s what the past, present and the future said to me.


Back again? Like I’ve always said, there’s nothing new with me. I still don’t understand why you keep returning to me. I give you that false blanket of comfort and just as you lie down, I take it away. But you know what my real passion is? Reminding you of every single wit-lacking decision you’ve ever made. I meet you with open arms, ready to show you all the things you’ve been through. Reminisce on your memories all you want, the mistakes you’ve made remain the same. Even though you know I have already happened, it amazes me to think that you keep coming back. Nostalgia and Embarassment are never far away when I’m around. I can be your oasis in the desert.. but beware, I can also be your mirage. 


I’m elusive.. unclear..mysterious. Maybe that’s why you’re drawn to me. Not very unlike my friend Past, I present to you scenarios that range from emotionally harrowing to pleasantly soothing. Come with me for a tour of all the ‘What if’s and ‘how I wish’s. Unlike  the case with my friend Past, you can choose what you see. But, I can’t give you any sort of guarantee as to what will actually happen. I possess that unique quality of uncertainty. You can start working with my other friend, Present, to bring a little certainty to me, but that is hardly ever the case. Most people prefer to visit me exactly at moments when they shouldn’t and me being a perfectly hospitable host, take them on a fanatastical ride and mess with their brains. What you want me to be and what I turn out to be are always different, all thanks to me other friend, Fate. 


You should really spend more time with me. I do not understand how I can knock some sense into you. Your flitting mind always manages to escape my grip and forage into the ‘already happened’ or the ‘yet to happen’. Don’t you realize how beautiful life can be if you spend some time with me? I can help you out with so many of your problems with practicals solutions, as opposed to Past and Future, who only obscure the problem with the fancy yarns they weave. I can show you how to deal with Future, I can show you what life truly is..! I am ever truthful and never manipulative. I always have your best interests at heart and do everything in my power to see to it that you have a nice time. I only wish you’d hang out with me more often than you do with the others..!

I have no idea what this post is. Hope you liked it anyway..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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