How.!? (Poem 7 of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

The time has come for another onslaught of questions accompanied by a galaxy themed picture..! Here’s How.!?


How does the bird fly

Evolution, or its carefree nature?

How does the flower know when to bloom

Biological clocks, or are they close friends of seasons?

How can a question change you

By messing with your brain or finding answers you wish you hadn’t?

How can one be happy?
By caring for everything or not caring at all?

How do we survive

God’s intent, or our skill set?

How does the Universe work

Super consciousness or do the galaxies plan it all out?

How do we think

Brain power, or is there a thought-generator?

How do we dream?

By thinking of the unnatural, or by thinking what we desire the most?

How were humans created?

A master plan, or a master plan gone wrong?

How do the stars communicate

Stardust, or the language of light?

How can you write?

By concentrating, or by letting the pen bleed?

How much good is there?

Too much to measure, or too little to measure?

How many times have you been truly yourself?

When you were born, or never at all?

How do you love a person?

By being their entire world, or by the One in the entire world?

How do you see?

Through your eyes, or through your mind?

How to deal with life?

Be static, or be dynamic?

How to feel a sense of belongingness?

Hug someone, or just stare at the dotted sky and be hugged by it?

How much do your words affect others?

Not much, or is that truly unanswerable?

How will you change the world?

By being yourself?

By being everything? 

Through fear?

Through love?

Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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