An Open Letter..!

Hello everybody..!

I know I’ve been away for a while now. I’m sorry but I really have no explanation whatsoever. I will make a sincere effort to blog regularly henceforth.

Anyway, here’s an open letter to the voice in my head.

To That Voice in My Head..

It is a wee bit ironical that as I am writing this letter to you, you are dictating it in my head, and you will be the one reading it. Almost like you wrote a letter to yourself. Let’s not psycho-analyze this and get sucked into a vortex of deep thoughts, which is as far as I know, your favourite pastime.
We have had a love-hate relationship since the day my brain knew words existed. You have been my companion on sleepless nights, when I confront weird relatives, want to be sassy or when I can’t swear out loud. I can say with confidence that you are the best person in the world to talk to, because you are actually me and let’s be honest, I’m awesome. I can almost hear you say that the previous sentence was Trump-like. You have been my reality-check and fairytale-generator simultaneously. I don’t know how you generate such complex thoughts about Time/Universe but fail to recite the periodic table in order. I love it when we role-play as celebrities or fictional characters and procrastinate everything. I hate the days when you sing one verse of one song for one whole eternity. I hate it when you give me such good comebacks in hypothetical arguments and go mute in real ones. By far, the one thing that annoys me the most is the fact that I cannot make you louder no matter how hard I try. Also, like I said in the introduction, what is it with your habit of bending my mind and shoving me into an existential crisis every single day? I understand that you are unique and unconventional, but “What if dreams are actually reality” is not a question I need when writing a math exam. Nowadays, you chatter more than ever and I find it hard to keep up with you. It’s amazing how you can overthink and feed me with all kinds of weird situations and complications that ruin my entire day. But I must acknowledge the fact that your inspirational speeches when I’m nervous are indeed confidence-boosting and if you weren’t stuck in my head the entire time, you’d make an amazing motivational speaker. It’s heartening to know that everything you say is only meant for me. It doesn’t matter if I don’t pay heed to anyone’s advice in real life or completely zone out everyone- my family or my best friend, you are always exempt from this treatment. 

To sum up, I think you are amazing. I would say we should hangout more often, but I realize I’m stuck with you forever. I do not know what I’d do if you shut up. Thanks for saying all the things I can’t afford to say out loud. Thank you for being the ultimate chatter box in my life. 

Eagerly waiting for the crazy things you’ll say,


I don’t know what this post was. Hope you liked it..!


Deek 🙂 😀


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