Hello everybody..!

I have had a rough few weeks and I’m extremely sorry for not posting regularly. 

I am the chains

That hold all your dreams captive

I am the knife

That clips your wings before flight

All I say is

Why be an artist, when you can be an engineer or a doctor?

I watch your every move,

Criticizing, condemning

Highlighting flaws is my hobby

I decide what you wear, who you love

I’m indifferent to your desires,

I hate variety

Why do you need opinions

When I form them for you?

I survive by sucking originality

I give you the liberty to be yourself,

As long as it is how I want 

Remember to conform

Remember to dance according to my command

I can decide for you

Wait. I can live for you

Dictating terms, telling you how to behave

Judging your every thought and action

Orthodox and Convention are my friends

Oh sweet child, do not dream of ever leaving me

For my tentacles reach far into the Universe

For even the stars are judged and compared by their brightness

Be unique, just like everyone else

And do have fun

But not too much


Deek 🙂 😀


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