Hello everybody..!

Here’s a poem I just felt like writing at about 10:55 in the night.


All the words that I dare not spill

Stack up in front of me

Things I want to say

But no one cares to listen to

Blocking the world

Barring me from everyone

Creating a cell, infused with my thoughts

These words haunt me

Even when I put up a brave face

Thawing at my resilience

I can speak freely

And yet, my tongue is tied

All along, I’ve been taught what to feel and what not to

And my real feelings are lost,

Faintly echoing in hindsight 

Look carefully into my eyes

There’s darkness that can echo into yours

I look in vain

For a person

That even I do not know to describe

I look in vain

For a key out of this palace

A palace of unexpressed thoughts

A special hell where I can be queen

I look in vain for a place to run away to

Where I can be alone,

Away from the echoing vortex of my mind

It’s funny how people easily forget

The scars I’ve borne

And shoot words at me

That ricochet off the walls

Echoing in my mind

All I ask for is for someone

To break the barrier around me

And save me from myself 

Why is it that I can see the world walk by

Paying no heed to this pit I am in?

Why is it that no one understands me?

Why is that when I scream out loud

I can only hear my voice ricocheting off the walls,

Echoing my mind?

Well I can safely say this isn’t about me. A goofball like me is incapable of such deep emotion. It’s about anyone who is in trouble or having a rough time..! 

Deek πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€


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