Something Different..!

Hello everybody..!

Over this summer, I have been doing a lot of (over)thinking. Currently, I am a science student, but after my intense brain storming in the summer, I have realised I have no real talent in science and I do not want to pursue it further. *cue horrified gasps of shell-shocked Indians*. I have decided to make a switch after my pre university course this year and study journalism and English literature. It is a pretty huge shift and I am terrified beyond expression, but I know I will be happy doing this sort of thing rather than mixing two solutions in a test tube (and probably drinking a solution from a pipette). 

This implies I need to brushen up my *ahem* writing skills. Hence, this new feature, where I will be sketching one character in a post. I’ve never really done much of short story writing and I have no idea how to go about setting a scene and infusing the characters with life to make them relatable. As of now, I will sketch the characters based on people I know. Please bear with me. By the way, I have no idea what I’m going to name this segment.

Here’s the first character..!

She is bubbly. Ever smiling. The social butterfly. The funny one, with all the crazy jokes. With her eyes so small and smile so perfect, she is that cute friend everyone has. She speaks so much, you’d think she was high. She comes from a family of about twenty people. A person with good family values and someone who knows the value of unity. She never has to fear loneliness, for the whole world is always hankering for her companionship. It is amazing how she divides her attention among all of her ardent fans, believing everything they say. Scores of best friends, a string of wannabe lovers. So many unread texts each day, all enquiring her well being. Fake or genuine, she believes it all the same. Though the entire world wanted to be acquainted with her, she has her favourite people, a handful of friends she trusted the most. She has so many memories with them, made throughout her school life. The group knows all the inside jokes and trusts each other with their deepest secrets. Everyone thought they’d always be together. At first sight, she might appear to be someone who can discern the truth of matters and make the right judgement, or in the least discuss the matter with her trusted friends. You would be wrong there. Naive and fickle, maintaining relationships is a problem for her. Easily swayed by cheesy messages from people, forgetting old friends comes easily. Bring in a change of setting- a different college or a different town, and the changes become noticeable. Shuns her old friends, the ones who meant the world to her, all for some weird guy who is clever enough to change her mind. Things go downhill from here. A hurricane of other foreign people, gradually cutting her out of the lives of her old friends. She does and says things that tarnish her image in her best friends’ eyes. Lying and cheating become common. Her old friends do their best to bring her back, make her see through the layers of immaturity, advise her, but it all goes in vain. She is adamant, willing to give up her old life for this new guy. She has lost the trust of her closest companions. It has left a gaping hole in their lives, but she couldn’t care less. New friends and the new life matter more. She is dreaming up a sweet future, romanticising reality. She has gone too deep in the dark hole. Her friends still hope she makes it out and realises her mistakes, even if she learns it the hard way. 

I don’t know what I was aiming for.!? Let me know if it created any sort of image in your mind. Any heart wrenching criticism will be heartily accepted..! I promise to get better..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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