Is.!? (Poem 8 of ‘Unanswered’)

Hello everybody..!

Here’s Is.!?, the eighth poem of ‘Unanswered’..!


Is this reality?

Or are we a part of one of God’s ambitious experiments?

Is this the life we were destined to lead?

Or have we charted our own course?

Is it possible for us to be reborn?

Or are we reborn many times in our life?

Is this Universe finite?

Or does it stretch farther than our imaginations?

Is it a sin to fall in love?

Or have we contorted the concept beyond recovery?

Is your choice ever valid?

Or does society make that idea absolute trash?

Is your strength enough for this world?

Or is it much higher, enough to conquer yourself?

Is it wise to trust anyone?

Or is that a thing best left to fictional characters?

Is anything the absolute truth?

Or are perspectives too messy to allow this?

Is it possible for you to fly?

Higher than your dreams, faster than your thoughts?

Is anyone the ‘perfect’ one?

Or is that elusive person God himself?

Is it good to have an opinion?

Or are you just adding to the incoherence of the world?

Is it really possible to succeed in life

Or does our desire for more always intervene?

Is death the real end?

Or are we too blind to see the ultimate destination?

Is it possible for us to escape our thoughts?

Or have they been woven into us by the eternal skein?

Is a dream the expression of your subconscious desire?

Or just a glimpse of what you’re up to in another Universe?

Is your heartbeat an indication of life?

Or is it the constant whirr of your mind?

Is your body made of flesh and bone?

Or stardust and ether?

Is humanity extinct?

Only preserved in discreet pockets of the world?

Is forgiving that hard?

When you know we all are going to end up in ashes someday?

Is death such a bad thing?

Or is it a ticket to your home, deep in the cosmos?

Is this all a dream?
This world? 




Hope you liked it..! 

Deek 🙂 😀


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