If We Were Having Coffee..!

Hello everybody..!

Yes. I still exist. I am alive and doing well (somewhat). It’s been so long since I’ve engaged myself in something called ‘blogging’ or ‘writing’. It hurts to think that I’ve repressed this constant voice in my head that kept prodding me to take a little time out of my day to write something- even if it’s sub-standard. I hate giving excuses, but sadly, this whole post is going to be a string of excuses for being away from my blog for so long.

To start off, my grandmother’s death did succeed in throwing my life completely out of gear. My entire life had been centred around her and suddenly there was this gaping abyss that I didn’t know how to fill. Somehow, through support from various people and inner strength, it seemed like I had my life pretty much back on track. Clearly, I was wrong. I did manage to sneak in a few posts after this debacle, but the waters were only about to get choppier.

Tests. They’re insignificant, have no purpose at all, and yet, everyone gives it more attention than it deserves. Very similar to fidget spinners, in my opinion. The usual college humdrum sucked out all my time. It didn’t help that I had missed many classes in almost every subject for reasons I will get to later. Anyway, I performed pretty decently in the tests, given my absence and my ever-increasing procrastination habit.

Fests. Intra-collegiate and inter-collegiate. The entire months of July, August and September were eaten up by these fests. The amount of preparation one has to put in for these fests, even if it’s for a five minute skit on the stage, is unexplainable. My life was just preparing for one performance after another- be it a speech, a personality event, a skit, a solo harmonica performance, a group performance…. pretty much everything. That meant missing classes in the name of practice (told you!), staying in college over time, reaching home late and having ‘lunch’ at 6 p.m, practising again-till about 12 a.m and crashing into bed. The efforts did pay off as we did win in a lot of competitions and had fun along the way. 

My harmonica concert. Mid-June, my teacher asked me to perform a solo harmonica concert in October. Being asked to perform was the highest honour that could be bestowed upon me. Every solo performance had to revolve around a theme, with songs and narration complementing each other. The whole of July, August and September, I was yet again, awake at 1 a.m, practicing. The programme went on well, even though I messed up a little on stage due to sheer fright. 

Exams. The very next day after my concert, I had my math mid-term exam. I don’t think I need to elaborate my performance in this exam, given all the other pies I’d stuck my fingers in. It was a train wreck of a week and every single day felt like an eternity as I endured each day struggling to study. 

Now, my exams are over, I have my vacation and I have no impending work to do. I have decided to have a productive vacation, contrary to the epic fail that my summer vacation was. I’ve begun to learn to cook and plan to resume my tailoring activities soon.  I have decided to blog more often and write more. I will strive hard to keep up and not let myself get bogged down by lack of motivation or laziness. 

I have no idea what this post was. 

Deek 🙂 😀


2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee..!

    1. Have already written a blog post describing everything that happened in that traumatic period. It’s titled ‘Ajji’, which means grandmother in my mother tongue..! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Will try hard to write regularly.


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