Homosexuality and Homophobia..!

Hello everybody..!

I’m surprised I remember the login details to my own WordPress account. I feel quite faint, trying to keep up with the current events in my life. By mid March, I will be done with my exams and I plan to devote more time to writing. Anyway, here’s a piece I wrote for the English Oratitical competition held in my college..! This was inspired by my dear friend Amrita’s blog post..! (Well I say inspired, but I mean I literally started writing this one day before the day of the competition and I asked her permission for plagiarising her content and she gladly agreed.) Also, I had just two minutes to speak and that’s why this is quite short..!

1945. World War II. Bletchley Park, Great Britain. Alan Turing has just devised a faster technique to break German ciphers, thus helping the Allied Forces defeat the Nazis, shortening the war by more than two years and saving over 14 million lives. Fast forward to 1952. Alan Turing has just been prosecuted. His crime, you ask? Was it betrayal? Treason? No. It was his homosexuality.

We, as a society shun and taunt homosexuals, all the while unclear about the whole concept. What is homosexuality? It is the romantic attraction between two members of the same gender. A perfectly normal, biological phenomenon that anyone can experience. Failing to comprehend this, people, driven by socio religious dogma, insinuate that homosexuality is against God’s design. This results in homophobia, which encompasses a range of negative attitudes towards people who are perceived as homosexual.  Making offensive jokes, feeling uncomfortable around homisexuals, criticising people for their sexual orientation, alienating them- all count as homophobia. 

We say “man up” to gay people. It makes no sense because strength is not defined by gender. In India, under Section 377, same sex marriage is illegal. Making laws to protect morality and faith only proves that we have none. We need not protect ourselves from homosexuality. We need to protect ourselves from homophobia. We brush off gay people, saying they are “going through a phase” and it’ll all be “normal ” soon. Homosexuality is NOT an affliction. It is an identity.

If I could delete one word from the English dictionary, it would be homophobia. It is appalling to think that in 2017, humanity is at a stage in history where an entire community is deprived of basic human rights. Isn’t it our moral duty to reset our beliefs for an egalitarian society? It wrenches my heart to think that we still treat people with apathy and hatred. Love is a human expression, not a political statement. Why is it that we as a society are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? 260 species of animals exhibit homosexuality but only one species ever has exhibited homophobia. 

Isn’t it high time we ceased to be irrational? Break the rigid mindset and see things from a fresh, broader perspective. Humankind has many milestones to reach and elements like homophobia are definitely a deterrent to our collective progress. Think progressive, think different.

Well I did win the competition :p. Hope you liked it..!

Deek 🙂 😀


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