Ajji..! (Part-5)

Hello everyone..! Ajji loved gardening. It was a very common sight to see her peering down at the pot of chrysanthemum and smiling to herself, almost as if she was proud of herself for moulding nature, or stressing about how the tomato plant wasn’t shooting up despite all her efforts. Now of course, I was … More Ajji..! (Part-5)

Ajji..! (Part-4)

Summertime meant train rides with Ajji to my village in Malnad. We always took the 6 am train to Birur. For some reason, we never took the one directly to Shimoga. As much as I hate getting up early in the morning, I’d promptly be up at 4:45 am, set for the journey. We’d leave … More Ajji..! (Part-4)

Ajji..! (Part-3)

Ajji was an expert at knitting. She could do it with her eyes closed. Literally. She’d even knit while watching TV. She was the classic grandma-with-the-knitting-needles. Ajja even told me that she once knit in the theatre when they’d been for a movie. For some reason, I never found that hard to believe. She could … More Ajji..! (Part-3)

The Waving Flag..!

“Sad. Sad is the definition of my life”, texts my friend on a chilly November evening. It breaks my heart, not just because he’s sad but because it shatters my mental image. You see, in my mind, I like to build these Utopian palaces and hang pictures of people on walls of fame framed with … More The Waving Flag..!

Ajji..! (Part 2)

Ajji always closed her eyes in pictures. It was always a matter of contention between us. When on family outings, I’d take great pains to gather my family in front of a reasonably acceptable background for a picture. After hollering and urging everyone to look at the camera, I’d take a snap. Within seconds of … More Ajji..! (Part 2)


Hello everybody..! Recently, for the first time ever, I participated in a slam poetry competition in an inter-collegiate fest. To be honest, this is the first time ever I attempted to write poetry in the slam form. The topic was ‘Stereotype’. I fear  I fear the looks when I say I don’t want to be … More Stereotypes..!