Funny.!? (Yup, again)

Hello everybody..! Here’s another post from me which I will shamelessly categorise as funny.  How to survive a family function Get informed by your parents that a family function is coming up. Start a rebellion, refusing to attend it. Give (un)believable excuses like “Oh I have the most important Math test on that day” or … More Funny.!? (Yup, again)

An Open Letter..!

Hello everybody..! I know I’ve been away for a while now. I’m sorry but I really have no explanation whatsoever. I will make a sincere effort to blog regularly henceforth. Anyway, here’s an open letter to the voice in my head. To That Voice in My Head.. It is a wee bit ironical that as … More An Open Letter..!

Funny..! (Again.!?)

Hello everybody..! So I’ve been (not) very well these days. Summer is (not) great. I’m (not) so happy. Everything is (not) fine. There are a lot of things going on that I hadn’t expected to happen even in my craziest dreams (trust me, my dreams are way too crazy. I’m considering dream therapy).To be honest, … More Funny..! (Again.!?)


Hello everybody..! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and my mind has been to places in the past, present and the future. Here’s what the past, present and the future said to me. PAST Back again? Like I’ve always said, there’s nothing new with me. I still don’t understand why you keep returning … More Tense..!

TV Shows..!

Hello everybody..! I know I said I won’t be around until the 3rd of March, but it is extremely difficult to go without writing for so long. So, instead of brushing up on my Chemistry for tomorrow’s exam, I am choosing to rant about my favourite TV shows. You all owe me a lot of … More TV Shows..!


Hello everybody..! Second post of the day..! I’m feeling particularly creative today..! This is in response to the daily prompt by The Daily Post..! This is going to be one of those random rants..! Prep yourself for a blast of thoughts and opinions before you move ahead..! EXPOSURE My understanding of this word has completely changed … More Exposure..!

I Wait..!

Hello everybody..! I wait for the day she will smile the same I wait for the day she will walk about With the usual spring in her step I wait for the day her suffering will pass I wait for her to be the ‘her’ of before I wait for the day she will be … More I Wait..!

Granny’s Place..!

Hello everybody..! This is in response to the Discover Challenge by The Daily Post. It is about a place that has shaped me as a person.  If I have to choose a place which has shaped me as a person, and you gave me the liberty to pick any place in the world, without a shade of … More Granny’s Place..!


Hello everybody..! Today began with me cringing at the sight of the stats of my blog. It’s been ages since I posted. I wouldn’t be posting this too, as my exams are going on. But I have English today and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I posted instead of studying..! After all, I am … More Misfit..!