Twittering Tales..!

Hello everybody..! This is the first time I’m participating in Twittering Tales conducted by Kat Myrman on her wonderful blog..! He found the old typewriter in an attic. He began writing. As his name features on the bestseller’s list, his grandfather beams from above. 139 characters Hope you liked it..! Cheers, Deek 🙂 😀

TV Shows..!

Hello everybody..! I know I said I won’t be around until the 3rd of March, but it is extremely difficult to go without writing for so long. So, instead of brushing up on my Chemistry for tomorrow’s exam, I am choosing to rant about my favourite TV shows. You all owe me a lot of … More TV Shows..!


Hello everybody..! I pity all those who have to interact with me from tomorrow till the 3rd of March. My exams begin on Saturday (yes, I know :/) and will end only on March 3rd. While not studying, I’ll be a walking representation of gloom and apprehension. So, you won’t be hearing much from me … More Write..!

Don’t Just Exist..!

Hello everybody..! I once asked myself the meaning of life. Yup, pretty cliché. But as I continued this train of thought, I found myself confronted with a thunderstorm of thoughts. Were we born to work hard, earn money and then… die.!? Is that it? That can’t be all. It is impossible to suggest that God … More Don’t Just Exist..!

Friday Flash Revisited..!

Hello everybody..! After binge-watching videos on Youtube, I feel extremely guilty for not doing anything productive. So, here’s the I-have-no-ideas-but-I-want-to-be-productive post..! For many of you those who don’t know, I used to have this weekly feature on my blog on every Friday called ‘Friday Flash’ where I posted some aesthetic pictures I had captured. The … More Friday Flash Revisited..!


Hello everybody..! Second post of the day..! I’m feeling particularly creative today..! This is in response to the daily prompt by The Daily Post..! This is going to be one of those random rants..! Prep yourself for a blast of thoughts and opinions before you move ahead..! EXPOSURE My understanding of this word has completely changed … More Exposure..!