Limerick Challenge..!

Hello everybody..! I’m sorry again, for not posting frequently..! We had our college fest the past week and I was totally engrossed in that..! By the way, I’m making your life seem better by informing you that I have to go to college this Sunday..  Anyway, it’s been ages since I participated in the Limerick Challenge hosted … More Limerick Challenge..!

Friday Fictioneers..!

Hello everybody..! I’m extremely sorry for not being able to post frequently. College is wrecking my life. More into that later..  This is the first time I’m taking part in the Friday Fictioneers Challenge..! Hope you like it..!    “Dad..! That’s preposterous..!” Harvey gave a blank look as his teenage daughter expressed her apathy. The ‘nature … More Friday Fictioneers..!

Bus Rides..!

Hello everybody..! When I was in school, I had to walk for just five minutes to reach school. Now, I have to travel for an hour to reach college. In India, especially in Bangalore, the best way to commute is through the public bus transport system. Bangalore’s bus network has high acclaim and it has … More Bus Rides..!