Friday Flash..!

Hello everybody..! The theme for the Friday Flash in the weeks to come is going to be about my recent trip to North India. This week, The theme is ‘Streets of Haridwar’. Haridwar is the first place where river Ganga descends from the mountains to touch the plains. Hope you liked the pictures.. Will be … More Friday Flash..!

I’m Back..!

Hello everybody..! After a week of roaming in North India, I’m finally back..! I returned yesterday and, what a wonderful trip it was! Reaching out to mountains is Mussorie, taking a dip in the mighty Ganga in Haridwar and exploring the forts and palaces of kings in the heat of Jaipur.. I’ve done it all! … More I’m Back..!

Friday Flash..!

Hello everybody..! In India, It is the time of Navrathri..! Navrathri, or Nine Nights is a festival celebrated all across India. It celebrates the win of good over evil. On these Nine days, Goddess Durga, in nine different avatars, is believed to have slayed nine demons. So, we have holidays..! Unfortunately, as I have to … More Friday Flash..!


Hello everybody..! I haven’t been able to do my blogging tasks properly, due to my ill-health and special classes at school. Moreover,I’m staying in my grandparents’ house. My ever irritating cousin and uncle do not let me do one single thing without offering their opinion- asked for or not! So, I have quite a lot … More Apologies..!

Favourite Poem..!

Hello everybody..! I’m actually doing the weekend task of the Writing201 course today.. This is perhaps the hardest task ever! It’s a Herculean task to pinpoint a single poem and call it as your favourite. Due to the enormous number of good poems, it’s definitely hard to pick a favourite.. Anyway, the poem If by Rudyard … More Favourite Poem..!

Map, Ode, Metaphor..!

Hello everybody! Maps by Maroon5 is actually my favourite song! It’s nice to write an ode about my favourite song. You’re the lighting lamp, The guiding star, The dispeller of confusion Sometimes hard to read, Sometimes hard to follow Leading people to exciting destinations, Or instead, spelling their doom Sailors, merchants and travellers  Have either … More Map, Ode, Metaphor..!

Friday Flash..!

Hello everybody..! My internet connection is the most erratic one you can find in the whole wide world. So, I’m not able to do anything..! The pictures aren’t getting uploaded at all..! Anyway, the theme for this week’s Friday Flash is Harmonica (I know.. Yet again.. I had warned you before 🙂 ) These aren’t … More Friday Flash..!