Hello everybody! Poetry.. What exactly is poetry?? Is it verses that rhyme..? Or is it something more than that? Something that gives us an insight into the mind of the poet.. The mind that constantly thinks and yearns to delve into the reality of things… Or, is it something that covers up harsh truth and … More Poetry!

Tree- a poem!

Hello everybody!! This is a poem on a tree that I wrote.. Hope you like it! Soaring to the skies, Firmly I stand Soothing many eyes, Giving life to the land. My branches spread out wide, The leaves rustling in the breeze I consider it my pride To support the creatures of the land and … More Tree- a poem!

Friends- a poem!

Hello everybody! This is a poem dedicated to ALL my amazing friends…! Read on.. Hope you like it! People who seldom let you down, And would never want to see you frown Who will go that extra mile, To always see you smile People who make your days worthwhile, And would never let your worries … More Friends- a poem!

Small play..!

Hello everybody..! This is a short little play I wrote for a school assignment and it was a great hit.. It’s a small one and perhaps my first actual ‘play’.. Hope you like it! It is about the ill effects of war WAR IS FUTILE Cast Soldier 1, Soldier 2, Soldier 3 – enemy side … More Small play..!

Tanya and Ryan <3

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Born to Be With You.” The best-est friend I have ever had in my whole life is Tanya (name changed due to certain reasons!). I met her when I was about 8 years old. Instantly, there was a connection between us.. No questions asked, no hesitations.. We just … More Tanya and Ryan ❤