I Wait..!

Hello everybody..! I wait for the day she will smile the same I wait for the day she will walk about With the usual spring in her step I wait for the day her suffering will pass I wait for her to be the ‘her’ of before I wait for the day she will be … More I Wait..!

Granny’s Place..!

Hello everybody..! This is in response to the Discover Challenge by The Daily Post. It is about a place that has shaped me as a person.  If I have to choose a place which has shaped me as a person, and you gave me the liberty to pick any place in the world, without a shade of … More Granny’s Place..!

Limerick Challenge..!

Hello everybody..! *insert a clich├ęd apology of your choice for posting late* Here’s my entry for the Limerick Challenge hosted by the lovely Rashmi..! GOALS If you can strive hard and not hardly strive, If you can jump warily when everyone takes the dive, If you can keep the hope burning, If you can keep your spirits … More Limerick Challenge..!