Hello everybody..!

Haven’t all of us experienced that sort of relief sweeping over us? That feeling when your heartbeat decides to come back to a steady rate, or when your brain finally stops working in over drive mode? This feeling of relief is so pleasant and calming. You forget to worry about stuff and for once, you are at peace with everything. No matter what happens, it doesn’t affect your state of mind. You aren’t dependent on some other external factor to determine your happiness.

You feel the weight sliding down your mind, literally feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulders. If the intended task goes according to plan, a pinch of pride and extra oodles of happiness are mixed with your relief. According to me, relief is one of the most enjoyable feelings. I think it is so because relief comes only when you’ve been under a lot of pain and distress or have passed through a difficult time. A hard earned fruit is always better than what you get for free. You have the satisfaction that your efforts have paid off and presented you with the right results. You know that all these days of hardwork hasn’t gone futile.

Sam sir..! And a few of the members of Hamsanada (mind you, a very few..) Hamsanada is actually a choir of 70 students..!

I recently had the opportunity to be relieved as the Bangalore Harmonica Festival was held on the 22nd of November. As I’ve been ranting about these in my last few posts, I guess(and hope!) you know that I was the anchor of the programme. I had so many qualms of getting on stage and talking in front of such great dignitaries. But, according to me, I spoke pretty well and my performance was far better than what I had expected. Don’t even get me started on the Harmonica performance by Hamsanada(our children’s Harmonica choir, founded by Sam sir!). It was such a grand success that so many great musicians kept showering accolades on all of us. According to me, the highlight of the programme was the rendition of a song written by our harmonica instructor, Sam sir. It was about the love for harmonica and the versatility of the instrument. He sang it and we accompanied him with our harmonicas. The applause for this was roof-blowing. Many of my friends also played solo, which was appreciated by every single person.


I’m so glad everyone’s effort paid off and we put up such an awesome show.. Sam sir has been stressed for about a whole month, having to deal with so many problems that reared their heads in the course of planning and practising stages. Though the Bangalore Harmonica Club organised this event, our Sam sir was like the pillar to the whole thing. Hamsanada has also contributed greatly in the smooth running of the programme. We had so much fun during the programme as we were in the programme from early morning to late night..!


It’s such a relief to see everyone relieved, more so to see Sam sir relieved. He has worked so hard and deserves a one week break from everything..! We’ve suggested this and he said he’ll look into it..!

So… Yes, I’m so freaking relieved right now..! But, I do miss the practice sessions for the fest,the whole lot of running around with an air of importance and getting so much productive work done..!

By the way, all images were shot during the festival..!! The featured image features: left to right.. My ninth grade friend, another friend named Deeksha.!, ninth grade friend, Amy, Diana, Tanya and me..!

Have you ever felt greatly relieved..?! Let me know in the comments..!!


Deek 🙂 😀


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