In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

Hello everybody..!

The featured image was shot during our school annual day last year.. I’m not there in the picture (thank god.. I didn’t have to have a ghostly makeover!) In the first picture (the larger one), the guy on the left is Harry and the guy on the right is Ron! In the smaller pictures, in the middle one, that’s Ryan and Tanya.. They are in really horrible costumes and even more horrible make-up. Don’t worry! They really do look better without all the make up! The ghostly attire is to represent the evils of our society. I found this really creepy.. Moreover, on that day, the power went out and I was with Ron.. It really creeped me out so much.. It seemed like I was with an actual ghost! The scary noises he made and the hysteric screaming all around really didn’t help.. 😮

PS: To understand all the names mentioned, check out my Friends- my actual friends ( post!




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